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Do you know why garlic and onion are not recommended in Ayurveda?


 also garlic, both are considered superfoods because of their various demonstrated medical advantages. They add particular flavors to the food and are indistinguishable pieces of

Indian cooking

. Regardless of whether you are getting ready curry,


 or then again soup, onion and


 are significant fixings in it. Notwithstanding,


 doesn't uphold the utilization of these two fixings in your eating routine. Yet, what is the explanation for this?

The genuine explanation

It isn't so much that that Ayurveda doesn't recognize the medical advantages of onion and garlic. Ayurveda perceives onions and garlic as blood purifiers. Additionally, garlic is utilized to get ready different ayurvedic drugs. However, Ayurveda doesn't uphold their extreme use as it considers onion as tamasic in nature (makes individuals peevish) and garlic to be rajsic (upset rest and depleted energy) in nature. According to Ayurveda, both these fixings produce over the top hotness in the body.

The facts confirm that our body needs some hotness, however unreasonable hotness might expand the danger of other medical conditions. Ayurveda suggests having onion and garlic in low amount. Ayurveda standards are for the most part mistaken for otherworldliness and yoga that suggests staying away from both the fixing as both are accepted to divert an individual's concentration and consideration. These two fixings are even kept away from by individuals rehearsing reflection or following a profound way, as utilizations of onion and garlic are known to expand outrage, animosity, obliviousness, nervousness, and expansion in sexual craving.

Medical advantages of onion and garlic

Because of its enemy of bacterial, against contagious and hostile to viral properties, garlic is known to diminish aggravation and lower hypertension. It is even prescribed for individuals attempting to shed pounds. Onions, then again, eliminate poisons from the body, standardize absorption and are astounding to treat cold and hack.

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