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South Africans Have Done It Mixing Savanna & Cough Syrup To Create A New Version Of Lean.

Lean is popular drink with the Hip hop culture; it also has many names aside being called Lean. It is called the purple drink, or dirty sprite. You are probably sitting there asking yourself what is this Lean. Well let me explain, lean is a recreational drug beverage. It is prepared by mixing a prescription cough syrup with a soft drink especially sprite. The beverage originated in Houston Texas and is popular in the Hip hop scene as I mentioned early.

Now South Africans decided to take a different route. They too are familiar with lean but they decided to revamp it quite a bit. Instead of mixing the cough syrup with a plain soft drink why not mix it with a cider. Not just any cider but the most loved one in the country Savanna.

They have done it and more and more people are curious now on how it taste and makes you feel like. It isn't the first time seeing such things being done. On a series of event we've seen people mixing Gin, Rum and Vodka on their Savanna's just to give it that extra kick. Now they are introducing this version of a mixed Savanna. What makes it dangerous is that both Savanna and the syrup are easy to get anywhere, anytime. That means anyone can make this drink.

Just with Lean alone we've been warn about its dangers of consuming it too much. The lean drug effects can range from mild to severe depending on both the dosage, as well as individual differences among users. Along with the euphoric high that many drug users crave, Lean can lead to some unpleasant side effects.

Some Possible Lean Effects Include:

Euphoric rush


Slowed sense of time

Slurred speech

Decreased heart rate

Poor balance and coordination



Urinary tract infections

Dental health problems



Now we know nothing about the dangers of the Savanna & Lean. We are constantly warned about alcohol on a daily on how poisonous and deadly it is on its own. Now imagine drinking alcohol that's been tempered with. It can't be pretty at all, it can be fatal. Let us not try this at home or anywhere.

Let us just enjoy Savanna with some Lemon inside and nothing else. Most Importantly Let Us Not Drink & Drive, Let's Drink Responsibly.

Content created and supplied by: Kaybee_KC (via Opera News )

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