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Mapedi and Chinese people they are same Whatsapp group, check what they eat

Pedi tribe and Chinese are somehow related, things they eat you won't even believe that they are calling them food.

For example, Pedi people eat Mopani worms and Chinese also eat Chinese worms. Chinese eat spiders, snakes, and rats. The same applies to some people at the Pedi tribe they eat rats, people around Sekhukhune eat certain rats called Thedi from the mountains.

If you hear them talking about Mopani worms you can even wish to taste them, they say Mopani worms contain protein 8x meat and are more cheat and affordable. Most of the things Pedi people eat are not that much different from Chinese food.

There are also some certain people in Pedi the tribe who believe that eating monkey meat will help you bear more children if you are a man. Some of Pedi's theories may make you believe that is true because you will never find a family that got no children in the Pedi tribe, almost all got more than 5 children and they are strong.

I think the origin of the Pedi people is in China because they have the same taste of life, the same WhatsApp group.

Please leave some advice for Pedi people to stop making them Chinese if they want to be with us in this country.


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