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The Chemical in Africa's imported Frozen Chicken

Is eating frozen Chicken safe?

Insert: Frozen Chicken Defrosted in a Cooking Pan

The debate is in the news once again and its centered around a chemical called formalin. This is a chemical which is sometimes used to preserve frozen poultry products and mostly famous in preserving corpses for scientific research.

This chemical when used in the meat industry contains formaldehyde, methanol and water and is used to to help prevent decay in some foods, mostl commonly frozen foods like Chicken. However, the question to be asked is whether this chemical is safe for consumption by humans. Formaldehyde is a very toxic chemical which is why as a major component of formalin it leaves more room for critics hard hitting questions.

Insert: Frozen Meat stacked in a Fridge.

Health officials globally seem to agree that formaldehyde at higher levels can cause cancer at higher level. The issue of Cancer is a concerning one and the most ignored and not that much researched anymore as the market is too polarized with Capitalists.

Officials in the health sector are strict on advising against the use of this chemical compound due to its high levels of toxicity especially experts in the poultry field.


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