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Video of Woman Washing Mogodu With Toothpaste, Leaves Mzansi Stunned

One woman had to send her friends a video of someone cleaning mogodu with toothpaste after finding it online. Because she couldn't even picture what it might taste like, Twitter user @LawryKamzila couldn't believe what she was seeing. The Mzansi people were unwilling to try it because they respect mogodu too much to want to ruin the feast. new component

Mogodu cleanup can be difficult. Even though it makes the process simpler, the Mzansi people are unwilling to take a chance by using toothpaste to do this. When @LawryKamzila, a Twitter user, observed someone cleaning mogodu with toothpaste, she was in awe.

@LawryKamzila found a video of a woman washing mogodu with toothpaste and was astounded by what she saw. Although the Colgate appears to clean it without difficulty in the video, a minty fresh flavor is not what you want when creating mogodu, hehe.

Words are in Mzansi. "I have seen everything except this," As they saw the video, Mzansi residents exclaim, "Hell no!" The answer from the Mzansi people is a resounding nay. There is never a reason to combine toiletries and food. While it would be good to be able to clean more quickly, nobody wants toothpaste in their mogodu. See a some of the amusing comments below: Don't dine at peoples' homes, @Jouliefie advised. I don't mind the aesthetic; I simply want to know if it alters the taste, stated @NteboMatjeke. What the hell did I just watch, asked @LadyMay K? According to @Maselelo Kgoale, this is how witchcraft begins. @MOWGALE was speechless: Man posts a photo of his food, and Mzansi thinks it's disgusting Associated news

However, after all of his laborious work in the kitchen, the Twitter user doesn't seem to feel anything except pride.

@Maps Welsh couldn't resist posting a picture of what he recently prepared: He confidently posted, "Mogodu Monday went nicely yesterday."

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