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He shared a picture of his meal of a cake, beans and coffee and a lot people were left unimpressed.

It is a common thing to mix food. You eat fruits with yogurt or cheese with vegetables and meat. These combinations are popular but there are certain food combinations you must avoid.You usually combine two or more food items to get nutrition and make your dish tasty.

However, there are some food items that must be eaten separately as the time required for their digestion and the condition required for their digestions are different. There are so many people who like eating different types of food in one plate but some are more than usual as what they eat can be absolutely shocking.

We see this more often in cases whereby one is pregnant and they keep craving weird things to eat. One tweep recently left Mzansi gobsmacked and unimpressed after sharing a meal with chocolate cake, beans as well as coffee. This meal also got a lot of people thinking about the reasons that might led one to eating such food.

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