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A must try chicken liver recipe

If you have chicken livers on your menu then next time prepare them to try out this recipe as it's one of the best and you will surely enjoy it.

We all know how important chicken over is to put health, especially those who are anemic this is one meal you should have on your menu to help you with anemia.

What you will need:

Chicken livers

Barbeque spice

Cayenne pepper

Chicken stock

One onion



sweet chili sauce


Wash your chicken livers, drain water and put on a frying pan, add cooking oil half spoon of crushed garlic, chicken stock half spoon of salt, barbeque spice, and one onion (cut into rings) fry and add cayenne pepper, then add your sweet chili sauce and let it simmer for a while and serve.

Try this recipe and you will not regret it and might just turn out to be one of your family's next favorite meals.

Credit: The G's kitchen

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