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Chicken mala recipe for dinner

I was sitting in the comfort of my home and I remembered one male that we used to eat at home. the smell is very delicious and raised many Africans. so I decided to share this recipe with my fellow readers. they are called chicken mala. I am going to take you to step by step on how to prepare this delicious and mouth-watering Seshebo.


firstly you will meet her 1 kg of chicken mala. one onion paprika black pepper salt and oil.


clean your chicken mala with water make sure that you remove the bacteria found inside the chicken mala. then in a pan add your own any kind of all will be ok for this meal. add the oil and heat up on medium heat after washing your chicken mala .take your mala add it into a pan fry it and add fry onion add spice stir until well cooked. you are mean is ready to be served to enjoy

kindly leave your comments below if you want to know anything mentioned in this article. do not forget to share this recipe with your loved ones. also, follow our page for a more updated recipe.

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