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FUNNY VIDEO: Konka is becoming huge in Mpumalanga


Konka it has become the talk of the country and is also trending on Twitter. It has been adopted into Mpumalanga. The young man is describing to other people how it is to be at Konka and to himself, participating in the massive, crowded venue.

He created a Hubbly Bubbly, which is one of the accessories that people enjoys having when they are out or at entertainment venues. It also having the bad side of it, as a part of smoking but differently. He has made a BILL that shows what he has bought at the venue and with his iPhone.


They go hand in hand because the brand of the cellphone is expensive with the high bill. A bill was trending the following day from that person who spent a lot on it, for only one night entertainment.

Beverages are an integral part of it and they cannot be put aside. There are various choices for anyone to choose, but there is a time when a certain beverage will be the most popular to buy, and the attention is coming to you as you do have.


After some time, the lifestyle will follow the trend with something different like an alcoholic beverage. The setup is also amazing that it becomes very colourful from what you buy from the place. He has created his own, which depicts what is going on at Soweto's most popular entertainment destination at the moment. But it is also funny.

The comment section's interaction should also have it's own credit:

1. Khani: South Africans don't deserve the internet.

2. Joseph: If South Africa was a country using an animal meme.

3. Structural (account username ) He is surprised that Sprite is costing 70 thousand of Rands.

4. Siya: Creativity for enjoyment, and he work of art, is beautiful in his way.


It is funny how people create memories for themselves while entertaining others in their best interests. He is not only having fun by himself, but it shows how great he is at putting together a set on his own and really connecting the dots of the inspirational story.

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