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Feed your craving with the following meals for lunch time

You are craving for a meal that has sweet flavor, try samp and chicken stew.

This meal has solved a lot of craving issues, it's easy to crave for samp and chicken because in most houses this meal is not usually cooked. It's cooked maybe after a long period of time.

Today it's about feeding cravings, sometimes as individuals we crave for food that is quite different and good at the same times.

Here is doubling chakalaka spinach and chicken.

Another meal that is common but not usually prepared in everyday base.

Chakalaka, creamy, butternut and stew beef.

Mostly craving must be served with a nice meal to make the craving go away, lunch time deserve a good hot meal. Any family would appreciate the idea of having the following meals. colso, stew beef doubling and spinach.

You need to mix the flavors so you can enjoy the golden taste in your mouth, the craving of beef would go away just by looking at this mouth watering meals.

In different auctions wedding or what ever the case might be the meal should be what someone would love to have and enjoy.

Try them all in one week and bring the feed back

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