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Are you eating a puppy sir? Tweeps ask a man who shared a pic of his dinner

Are you eating a puppy sir? Tweeps ask a man who shared a pic of his dinner

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A man took to Twitter to share a picture of his dinner before he prepared and marinated it. Shockingly though, this man's dinner was a cow's tongue and it did not look very scrumptious in the picture. Instead, the tongue looked like a puppy and that is why a lot of people in his comments were questioning why he would eat such a thing.

Reasons why i don’t eat at other people’s homes… you eat puppies? @itsmanjobruh 

Is that a puppy? @Alpha_Reeyah

It looks scary 😧 @Ntsetsana

In the end however, a lot of people were asking for the recipe since it all came together nicely and became mouth watering.

Oh Wow this is appetising 😋 @Mpumechina202 

This looks delicious. Recipe nyana @04OctoberGang 

How did you make it ?It looks delicious @GosiameMalepe

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