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South Africans Left Heartbroken Big Company Closes It's Food Product Brands in SA


When the news surfaced this week that Pioneer Foods was discontinuing its Redro and Peck's Anchovette fish paste brands, South African consumers were devastated.

Twitter user @BronyW stated, "Very sorry to learn that the Anchovette from Pecks and Redro have been discontinued in South Africa." For almost a century, this product has been available."

Fishpaste is apparently going to be discounted, as @NickdeBruyne noted in a tweet. I understand that not everyone like it, but WHY?"

While another customer, @kobusehlers, wrote: "The blows keep on coming. ". The indignity!

Redro and Peck's fish paste products will no longer be produced by PepsiCo SSA, according to their Category Manager of Foods, Mandy Murphy.

Redro and Peck's fish paste products were discontinued at the end of last year, when we took the choice.

As part of our regular portfolio assessment, "

After announcing this to our clients in December 2019, we ceased manufacturing of and ended the sale of all associated products.

This means that consumers may continue to buy products as long as businesses have stock accessible.

"We are in the process of finalizing the sale of the underlying assets or brands," Murphy added.

In South Africa, this is not the first time a beloved culinary item has been discontinued.

There will be no more manufacture of Nestle's Chocolate Log in South Africa by 2020, the company declared in 2018.

On Facebook, a South African supplier, Aubergine Speciality Foods, announced that Nestle's chocolate logs will no longer be produced in the country. Iconic in its own right.

All Gold Tomato Sauce, a Simba flavor, was also discontinued last year.

According to a statement from the company, South Africans have opted to replace their classic tomato sauce flavor with a new one.

An online poll was set up to allow people to vote on whether salt and vinegar, tomato sauce, or onion and cheese chips should be kept in production or axed from the lineup.

The Simba salt, vinegar, cheese, and onion have all made it through the vetting process.

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