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Savanah taps are running dry and it is not a metaphor. No Savanah ciders for the festive season.

No one creates the most entertaining adverts like the folks at Savanah. All their adverts are cute and funny. They are quite a joy to watch and they contributed to the popularity of the famous cider.

The lockdown though necessary in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, has been hard on businesses especially the alcohol industry. Unlike clothing stores that can close and return to sell the same stock, alcohol is different.

The process of making an alcoholic beverage takes time. When alcohol is banned then this creates a lot of problems for companies. They have to destroy mixes that are busy fermenting which result in huge losses.

The famous Savanah cider is the first alcoholic beverage to become a victim of the never ending lockdown. Distel, the company that produces the product told millions of loyal drinkers that the beverage will not be available for a period of four to six months.

This period will include the festive season as well. People will not get to enjoy the festive season with their favorite drink in the hand. It is not clear if the company can try to resolve the issue anytime soon.

South Africa has shown a distain attitude towards alcohol. The ban on alcohol has been frequent and sometimes unwarranted. Now many people are going to lose jobs not at the producers side only but along the value chain as well.

Many companies are struggling to bounce back after the lockdowns. Government relied heavily on the relief it was planning to provide to those businesses that are struggling but unfortunately that is not enough and this was a big mistake.

The National Coronavirus Command Council has failed businesses in South Africa and by extension the workers. When businesses suffer they cut workers and also the tax they pay goes down resulting in lack of money to the government for basic services.

You may need to stock up on your favorite ciders before they are all gone.


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