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Some great News for chicken lovers

Food For Mzansi's resident nutritionist, Andrea Du Plessis, says chicken feet are highly nutritious. “They carry lots of flavor, and chicken feet are particularly rich in collagen and mitochondrion sulfate. Those are important nutrients for healthy joints and healthy skin.

Chicken Cartilage for Arthritis Chicken feet consists of bones, skin, and tendons, but no muscles. These are packed with protein, calcium, collagen, and cartilage that are easily absorbed by the body. These are the essential nutrients required for good joint movement to minimize arthritis and joint pain.

Is Chicken Feet healthy?

Gelatin's two anti-inflammatory amino acids – glycerin and arginine – help to balance, and complement meat. More on bone health: Chicken feet are high in calcium and helps in reducing the risk of brittle bone and nail – 100 g of boiled chicken feet provide 88 mg or 9% of daily value of calcium.

Is Chicken Feet good for high blood pressure?

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Scientists in Japan have identified four proteins in chicken legs which appear to be effective in controlling high blood pressure, a study has said.

What are the benefits of eating chicken legs?

Chicken is a lean meat with high nutritional value, and eating it regularly will help you stay healthy.

Protein supply. Chicken has a very high protein content, which plays a very important role in sustaining our muscles. 


Healthy bones. 

Stress reliever. 

Immunity boost.

One of the positive, health-related benefits of eating chicken feet is a good, clear complexion. Research by the Department of Animal Science of National Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan showed that chicken feet contained a lot of collagen. Collagen, as you know is the ingredient for youthful-looking skin.

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