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Mzansi reacts after a guy posted his Sunday kos vibes

Now our days people mix everything as long it taste good or comes out good. A twitter user got people talking after posting his Sunday meals, people could not believe what they just saw.

The Twitter user posted beans and pork ready to cook them but we all know that beans take time to be ready and pork don’t take time, it only take time if you cook it not fried it.

People went on to asked him to share the recipe cause the mixture seems to be making no sense to most of people, this two item can’t be cook together unless they are separated. Those days are gone when people will be cooking following the book now our days people do what makes them happy, some people even change the be known as Sunday meals to something else. Sunday is no longer the day where people eat rice and chicken or beef, people are eating or cooking what whatever they feel like they like it.


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