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Watch video of man grilling Crocodiles and Python.

There are some foods that we all consider to be exotic for us, but there are just some foods that we can all agree are too exotic. We are all different and there are some people out there who just have exotic taste buds meaning they do not kind trying out new types of food, and this can range from a lot of things.

A video has been trending all over social media but it was initially posted by Julius_rhapsodys and the video is of a man who is busy grilling what seems like two Crocodiles and a Python.

A lot of people were shocked by this, but to be honest, this is not something to be shocked about as crocodile meat is very common in some parts of the world, and even here in South Africa some people do consume crocodile meat, and of course, most of us don't eat it but most people in the Southern parts of America do eat alligator and crocodile meat.

According to an article that was released by in 2019 states that Crocodile is considered a healthy food, it is lean meat that is low in fat and high in protein. It offers a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and is high and dietary fibre. It contains useful levels of potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and niacin.

it has been said by those who have eaten crocodile meat before that, crocodile meat tastes rather bland but goes very good with other flavours, and of course, there are restaurants where you can be able to eat crocodile meat. In other countries, the hunting of crocodiles is not prohibited as it is not an animal that is an endangered species.

A lot of us who saw the video were probably shocked but for some, it was not even that surprising as crocodile meat in some countries consider it as street food, meaning it is fairly common.

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