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People Shared The Weirdest Food Anomalies They Found

Have you ever found an extra-large carrot or an odd-shaped gummy? Sometimes food does strange things like growing in weird shapes or getting stuck together in the factory. These food oddities are rare, and you are one of the lucky ones if you have found them. Take a look at all the bizarre abnormalities that people found in their food; you might start seeing some yourself.

1. A Handy Carrot

When you need an extra hand while making dinner, use the handy dandy carrot hand. With time it could grow into a whole carrot person.

This hand-shaped carrot looks like something you could find in a vegetable horror movie. Just imagine if carrots grew upwards instead of down into the ground, this carrot would be reaching out to grab you from the soil. 

2. The Perfect Avocado Doesn't Exi--

What is the worst thing about avocados? It is the pit. That thing can ruin the avocado because it can take up too much room and leave only a little edible avocado. 

This avocado is pitless so that you can eat the entire thing. You also don't have to struggle to remove the pit while trying not to chop off a finger. 

3. I Shall Call You Clemintiny

This clementine must have been pregnant because it came with a little clementine within it. The person who opened this just performed a successful (vitamin) c-section. 

We have to know if the small clementine tasted just as good as the regular-sized one. We hope it did.  

4. Quadnanas

These four bananas grew in one giant peel. They almost look like an old-timey barbershop quartet that would go by the name banana shop quartet.

The real question here is if the person ate all four bananas at once because they came in one pee. What do you do with the other bananas now that they are not in the peel? 

5. Every Avocado Lovers Dream

This avocado is almost two kilograms, which is massive. This person should have a guacamole party for the amount of avocado they can get from this. 

We wonder what size the pit is inside of this avocado. It would be nice if the pit was not bigger than an average-sized avocado, so you could get a lot out of the big one.


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Handy Carrot


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