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How to cook chicken feet at home ?

Chicken meat is one of the fovourite dish across the whole world. Everywhere you go you will find chicken meat cooked in a different ways. Some countries you might even be surprised the way they prepare it because it is way different the way us south african prepare it. You can cook it using pot or pan because it is too soft and it doesn't take long unlike beef meat that can take you up to 2 hours to be ready.

Chicken feet are most sold to people who pass on the street because there are woman who opened their smaller shops and thesewomen arealso called street vendors. They wake up early in the morning everyday dedicated to feed their customers on the street by cooking different types of foods so that they can keep theday going. And they get support from these customers because their meals taste nice with affordable price.

If you want to cook chicken feet you must first rinsen them in a hot or boiling water so that the yellow outside layer can wear of the feet. You can do these by also using your hands to peel the outside layer of the feet after rinsening them in the hot water. After removing the outside layer you csn now wash them with cold water to remove any further stains to make sure they are clean.

You can now put the feet inside a pot and pour water that you think will be enough for the feet to be well cooked. After pouring water you can chop the anion and tomato and put inside the pot together with salt. Put them on a hot stove for about 45 minutes. You will see the colour of the water start changing and the meat around the feet will start to loosen. The colour of the water inside the pot will either be brown or yellow to show that the feet are ready to beserved.

You can add any soup you like depending on you like them just to create aroma. Most people add minestrone or knorox soup to make the feet even more tasteful and people love it.

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