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Foreigners Fake Cocoa Cola Factory Exposed MZANSI In Shock SEE Where These Drinks Are Produced.

A South African Twitter user by the name of @Diegochene claimed that the country was being used as a "playground" by foreigners. She also included a photo of a factory where people from countries like Pakistan and others made counterfeit COCOA, COLA, and other beverages. 

link and source: @Diegochuene's Twitter feed. 

She showed a factory where illegal immigrants made fake Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, and other soft drinks, complete with a locking machine. Empty cans of cocoa cola and other beverages are purchased. In addition, these drinks will be adulterated with a variety of chemicals and artificial flavors, all of which may contribute to the spread of disease in the United States. 

Some of these beverages lack the original company's refreshing carbonation and crispness due to poor filtration. 

A South African who saw the tweet later claimed that he had purchased a drink from a foreigner spaza shop and discovered that it was not lock, that dirt was present in the drink, and that no carbon like that heard in the South was audible. 

A number of respondents indicated that they avoided stores owned by non-Westerners, specifically Pakistanis and others.

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