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Here are the facts about pineapple you never knew

Pineapple is a god fruit, awesome fruit as well and a unique fruit it's delicious on its own. And if they put in a pizza this is when you can love this fruit or in juice or on salad .

Speaking of cultivating pineapples, did you know that it takes almost 3 years to grow a pineapple fruit? It’s easy to grow the plant, you just need to plant a pineapple leaf to grow a whole plant. But the process of producing and ripening the fruit will take between 18 and 20 months.

And one pineapple plant can only produce one pineapple fruit at a time. Think about that next time you complain about the prince of fresh pineapples.

This means that the grower of this crop takes time to harvest because he has to wait 3 years to harvest.

Qnd another thing you should know about pineapple is pineapples are only tasty when they’re ripe.

But When they’re unripe their juices are irritating and very unripe, small pineapples are actually toxic and poisonous. It’s unlikely that you’ll come across such unripe pineapples in the store, but still the riper the better and sweeter it will taste. 

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