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Fussy foodie: Woman with extreme food phobia eats only carbs and cheese

In the event that you've ever to manage a fastidious eater youngster, you'll know the disappointment of planning separate dinners – and the expectations that they will "develop out" of their food revultions… 

Yet, for one British lady, she never has, and keeps on disregarding new food sources because of her "outrageous food fear" that controls her life. 


34-year-old Emma showed up on the unscripted television show Extreme Food Phobias which investigates the UK's fussiest eaters 

The Harrogate inhabitant opened up about not having the option to eat any food alongside delicate cheeses, chip sandwiches and garlic bread, since the age of four. 

She said: "I've been not able to attempt new food varieties, simply the prospect of attempting them worries me, makes me all strained… .I figure my objective is have a Christmas feast with my family and not have chip butties and garlic bread on Christmas Day. 

"I'm frantic to conquer this fear for my own mental stability and wellbeing as well as for my loved ones." 

Outrageous Food Phobics on W, Wednesdays at 8pm 

"A definitive objective is have a Christmas dinner with my family – and not have it be chips and garlic bread!" Brand new Extreme Food Phobics proceeds with around evening time at 8pm. 

Posted by W Channel on Wednesday, 6 October 2021 

Emma has been cautioned that she could foster coronary illness and is a superb possibility for stoutness, disease and surprisingly a stroke because of her seriously imbalanced eating regimen. 


During the show, Emma is treated by clinical specialists and goes through repugnance treatment and entrancing, where she focuses on attempting new things later on. 

The scene additionally sees her eating an apple and a cut of pizza just as joining a companion at a smorgasbord. 

Also, weeks since the show, Emma claims she is headed to being relieved. 

She added: "I'm so content with how it's no more. I've gained ground. I had a cheddar and onion pale, I truly partook in that. I attempted some bacon, I partook in that I simply need to keep it up and propel myself."

Source: The South African

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