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It Is Insulting Coming From Mboweni Khumalo Spills Beans

Mario Khumalo was left fuming by the latest statement of Tito Mboweni regarding the issues of employment, as we all know that Tito Mboweni is part of the ruling party African National Congress.

Mario Labeled Mboweni a snake as well as a liar because he is saying things in vain, Tito Mboweni was raising issues such as the restaurant's sector need to employ South Africans after the Lockdown, it a fact herein South Africa most of the restaurants are employing foreign nationals.

Mario Khumalo is right only gullible people and has a short memory they going to believe Tito, this is insulting because he is talking but doesn't offer any necessary solutions a lot of people are applauding the government while being incompetent.

Public Opinion

@Vince_mopedii Seems you only see important issues when you're out of office, before you became minister you got my hopes up about a state bank, which I knew would have a great impact on our livelihoods in terms of competition and small business. But now eish, cut before I get emotional.

@ndi_muvenda_ In due respect minister I feel like you should have been more vocal about this matter while you were still at the office now you sound like any other citizen.

@aubreydube11 Our Leaders can't keep ignoring South Africans, please! We don't want handouts, we just wanna work for ourselves. End if people are not gonna be provided with such opportunities' be assured that "No one will sleep or walks Peaceful/ while the majority of South Africans go to bed hungry.

Authors Opinion

Covid-19 exposed a lot of things, it's sad that the majority of South African citizens have to rely on heavily social grants we know very well that illegal immigrants are here inside the country without proper documents, they don't even need a Visa to operate a business in South Africa, on the other hand, foreign nationals without proper documents are living a soft life while well-educated citizens are going to bed hungry.


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