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Cooking Recipes


Mogodu haven't you tried it before, try it out today

Mogodu with samp

Try it out today, a very delicious looking meal

You don't know how to cook it?

Relax here's a recipe that will help you.

I personally recommend fire to cook Mogodu,

Put you tribe on a pot with a 1 litter or water in the pot and let the food boil and let the tribe cook when the water finishes put more water before it takes a lot of time.

Cut one onion after one letting one boiling tribe for over a 1 hour it will be ready for other ingredients.

1. Cube of beef stock

1. Table spoon

And any soup of choice

Then let it cook for over 30 minutes

Then it will be ready.

As for the samp it's easy to prepare.

Beef and white samp.

What we have to eat is good food at all times, this really need someone who can cook and patience enough to follow all the steps according to the recipe specification.

Once you are able to follow all the steps you will be okay.

Braai pap, spinach and beef

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