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A guy was left disappointed after buying a prawn salad at Fishaways after this. See comments.

Recently, a man left Fishaways feeling unsatisfied with his lunch. For those who are unaware, Fishaway's is a fast food establishment that specializes on seafood. He tweeted a picture of the food he received and the following: "These appear to be prawns. If fishaways wish to cease, they should just do so." View his tweet in the section below.

The man was eating a salad with prawns, as you can see from the photo above. The majority of individuals mistook the prawns for shrimp because they were smaller. Many people left comments on his post and had a lot to say. Someone made a remark and stated "This really disappoints me. For instance, if you order "prawn pasta," they will deliver these. To let us know, they must use a separate calling system. Little shrimp or whatever." They'll call it "prawn what-what" and add anything but prawns, a different commenter suggested. View the additional remarks that others have made below the post.

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