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The story of Ghee starts from Vedic India till today its flavor remains intact

Ghee is eaten by putting it in lentils, rice, bread and vegetables. Its taste is excellent with everyone and it is also very beneficial for health.

The story of 'Ghee' starts from Vedic India, till today its flavor remains intact

Ghee is nothing less than a panacea to remove weakness.

Warm rice-dal and melted a spoonful of 'ghee' (Ghee) on it. It will be fun. So today we will talk about desi ghee. In most of our Indian homes, ghee is extracted inside the kitchen. Churn milk butter and remove ghee. Today, we will talk about its taste, health and a little history.


In Hindu belief, only God is called 'Makhan Chor'. Desi ghee is extracted from this Makhan. Ghee is used in India since the Vedic period. There are many ways to use ghee in Aruveda. The purer the ghee, the higher its price.

Used in many ways:

There are many ways to eat Ghee. First of all, it is eaten by putting it in lentils, rice, bread and vegetables. Along with this, ghee is used in place of oil or refine in many houses. What to say about the parathas of desi ghee. With this, if you go to Old Delhi, then all the food in the old shops are made from desi ghee.

Milk is very important:

So if ghee is to be eaten then it is important to have milk. Because butter is released from the cream of milk and then ghee is extracted from it. In olden times, churn was used for this and now it is also made in the mixer. Its aroma and taste are both helpful in increasing appetite and digesting food.

Famous in Delhi since the time of Shah Jahan:

When Shah Jahan shifted the capital from Agra to Delhi during the Mughal period, Shahi Hakim said that the water here is bad. When the king asked for this option, it was said that there would be very spicy food. Now the side effect of spicy food was also very much, so it was advised to use ghee to eliminate it.

This is the reason that even though food in Delhi is made in mustard oil, a lot of ghee is poured over it. There is also a provision for non-veg eaters and for those who are vegetarian, a chaat made of ghee has been made. So even though the food in Jama Masjid and Chawdi market may be different, but ghee falls in them.

Benefits of Ghee:

While ghee is helpful in reducing fever etc. on the one hand, it also plays a good role in mental diseases. It is no less than a panacea to remove weakness and is also helpful in correcting digestion. If you are coughing, taking ghee lick gives a lot of relief. It is also helpful in removing nasal allergies etc.

If you have left ghee in the habit of dieting? No need to be afraid of it. A limited and appropriate amount of pure ghee is very beneficial for you. So you should also look for good ghee and start using it…

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