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"Can You Finish This Meal?" A guy posted causing a stir on social media

There are some who, when it comes to food, don't mind finishing their meal, no matter how large it is. Those are individuals who have larger appetites than the typical person. A man posted a photo of a plate of food on social media after saying that. He asked, "Can you finish this meal?" in his caption.

Chicken intestines, cabbage, and pap made up the meal. The comments received a variety of responses. Some said they would surely eat everything and even want more because it looked so good.

Others have stated that they do not enjoy eating chicken guts. There are numerous comments that have been made. Add extra chicken intestines, additional pap, and a glass of juice, according to a comment. See more responses from folks below.

Comment with your ideas in the space provided. What do you think of the food and responses generally?

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