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Simple And Easy 3 Ingredient Cheese Cake


This is a simple recipe for a quick and easy cheesecake, the recipe only requires 3 ingredients and is quick to make.


1 litre plain and double cream yoghurt

1 tin of condensed milk

200g tennis biscuits (crushed into a fine powerder)

Press the biscuits into an even layer at the bottom of a deep microwave-safe dish. This will create the crust

Mix the condensed milk with the yoghurt until smooth, and then carefully pour the mixture over the biscuit crust/ base. Smooth the top, then microwave on high for 5 to 6 minutes depending on your microwave , or until set.

Refrigerate until it cools, then slice to serve.


- crush your tennis biscuits in a reusable bag, use a glass if you do not have a rolling pin.

- you can add melted butter to your crust for a more rich cream cheesecake.

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