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Black Coffee Delivers Shocker With Price of Clothing| See What he Wore and Cost

International,S.A born DJ Black Coffee is one to not shy away from the Public eye.Black Coffee is easily identified as one of the Best DJs in Africa.

Black Coffee has had a lot of Trends Surrounding him from his Divorce to Fights with His Wife but one thing that has always Stuck out to South Africans was the Way he dressed.

Black Coffee is a Very Stylish individual who wears Brands all over the World but that's not what catches people's Attention what Catches People's Attention is the Price of the clothes he Wears.

Black Coffee Wears Extremely expensive Clothing,Clothing that Made South Africans Shout in Awe as the Prices were unbelievable.

South Africans were always under his Tweets Giving pricings of what he wore on pictures he'd Post and this Caught on Very Fast as Trends were created around the International DJ Superstar.

Black Coffee was not one to shy away or keep away from Interacting with his Fellow South Africans.He made sure he responded to as many Tweets as he could.

Recently yet another Fashion Shock popped up from the Star and South Africans Were Stunned.Black Coffee Recently Attended an Award Ceremony and people were stunned at his Outfit.

South Africans Being South Africans they searched the internet for the pricing of his Clothing only to find a Shocker.

Black Coffee was wearing a Yellow Turtleneck which was insanely pricey.The Jersey Black Coffee was wearing was a DIOR AND AMOAKO BOFAO TURTLENECK which cost $3500(R45 000).

South Africans were stunned and Proceeded to Comment on the Turtleneck here are some of the comments people shared:

South Africans will never Stop Paying Attention to the star and this is Evident and testimony to that.What are your thoughts on the Matter.Comment down below with your views.

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