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Use Amasi to fry your chicken follow the recipe to prepare delicious chicken

Amasi someone is possible wondering how possible is that, to fry chicken using Amasi the thick milk used with spoilt milk. The recipe is easy to follow and the ingredients are the usual ingredients that any supermarket has.

The recipe makes the chicken looks like this:

Here are the ingredients paprika is one ingredients! You need to add on the flower but the steps, start with putting the meat on your Amasi, while mixing the rest on the side.

Use two eggs but add the eggs on the Amasi and any oil of your preference, then soak the meat for about an hour on the Amasi.

On another bowl put a cut of flour add paprika, a pinch of salt, chicken spice to give the chicken that spicy flavor.

Italic herbs are just for flavoring it is not a must to have this one on your ingredient plan but if you prefer to fry it exactly the same way use the italic herbs.

Everything you need on one picture and it will help you produce a KFC like flavor on your meat, it is not 100% accurate but it is close to it.

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