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Impepho: 6 Defferent Kinds of Incense

Smudging incense or impepho is an act from the ancients. Incense brings the relief from the burden of Negetive energy.

Most cultures around the world have practiced incense smudging into this day. Incense is used for different reasons and they are also different kinds of incenses.

Below is the list of the 6 different impepho incenses, each with its unique use.

1. IMpepho(Common Sage)

IMpepho is a plant native solely in South Africa. It has been used by the ancient people in times of ritual ceremonies.

IMpepho is smudged to open a way to communicate with the ancestor, it invites the spirits of the ancestor to hear you when you speak with them.

Impepho is a green plant with Yellow flowers in it. When you burn it, it chases away bad insects like mosquitoes. It also get rid of Bad Spirits and Negetive vibes.

2. White Sage

White Sage is Native to Mexico, but available worldwide. It is culturally used by native Americans to smudge in order to have a healing process.

White Sage invited positive energy and good vibe. It is also used when meditating and leads to the clearing of dirty air. It relieves your stress and anxiety and make you focus.

White Sage is the green plant mainly harvested in Central America, specifically in Mexico.

3. Red Sage

Red Sage is specifically good in protection, it gives protective energy from bad luck and bad spirits.

It is good to have it in your home to bring prosperity.

Red Sage have beautiful red flowers, it is said that they are even good in cooking with. They are healthy in consumption.

4. Cedar

Cedar is a green plant also used to smudge. Cedar is very good when you're opening your new home and burn it first before you move in.

Even when you buy a new car, burning a cedar and put it in your car will protect it from evil. A Cedar Sage is very protective and chases away evil.

It cleanse bad spirits especially when you moving in into the new house, it is important to burn it around the house.

5. Rosemary

Rosemary is the Sage of love and affection. You smudge it a command love to come into your way.

It is even good to plant it into your home to have a lovely family a marriage.

6. Juniper

Juniper Sage brings prosperity and wealth. It is about money and wealth.

It chases away the spirit of hunger and invite a positive vibe and money.

Juniper is a green plant with small leaves. It is available worldwide, if you need prosperity with money and wealth, burn this Sage.

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