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Oxtail potjie recipe

Oxtail Potjie recipe!!!


It's my son's favorite oxtail potjie.

This is delicious - it's slow cooked so the flavours mingle!


2kg Oxtail

I pkt baby potatoes

2pkt carrots chopped

4 corns cut in 4

2 onions chopped

4 cloves

2 cups dry red wine (use a good stock instead of wine)

2 cups coca cola

4 tblsp barbeque spice

1 tsp curry powder - use hot or mild.

2 spoons crushed garlic

Fresh rosemary

2 spoons oil

60ml tomato paste

Salt & pepper to taste.


Put pot in hot coals, add oil when hot add onions, cloves and Rosemary fry until nice and brown add meat, barbeque spice, curry powder, garlic, tomato paste, coke, wine and salt and pepper, stir well and let everything fry for a few minutes to allow the spices to cook in the oil.

Now add the stock or wine and coca cola. Let simmer for 3 hours add more water when dry, now add potatoes, carrots and corn then let cook until veggies is soft. Add more salt & pepper for taste.


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