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The Somalians-owned Tuck shops selling fake Maize Meals packaged in well-known Brands bags!(Opinion)

There has been a brouhaha regarding the soft drinks, tin fishs, and other necessities being sold at Township Tuck shops, most of which owned by the Somali nationals, and after they have been exposed with the authorities at the time getting involved the noise died down.

BUT of late my experience whilst buying the Maize Meal brought back those suspicions, as the Maize Meals being sold at some of these Tuck shops especially the ones with well-known brands like Ace, Iwisa, Super sun etc, seems to be not meeting the same standards of the Maize Meals sold by this brands.

BUT pitily they are being packaged in bags bearing the same well-known names, but contrary to the original Maize Meals, they are not as white as the real ones and when cooking it does not become thick as quick as the originals, the less said about the taste the better.

At one stage after buying one and cooked for a few days, I had to confront one of the supermarket about the issue, where an exchange of words ensued, but at end they could not agree with me that their Maize Meals are not the originals we are used to but imitations, and true to my suspicions I went to a bigger and well-known supermarket bought the very same brand but on comparison realised that my suspicions were indeed spot-on.

Now the question is do we still as a country have the institutions such as the South African Bereau of standards, which were in the yesteryears checking for such poor quality products?

And what about the government inspectors do they visit the wholesalers where these guys stock their wares or goods, irrespective of whether they are well-known big wholesalers or owned by their fellow Somalians?

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