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STHEMBI: My favourite food and drinks. Lets see your favourite


Sthembi Do ask social media individuals to share what they are having for the current year of 2021 with a beverage on top. She shared her favourites for this year with individuals who came to the party with the most loved food and beverages, crossing over to the next year.

Sthembi loves food and drinks, which she shares on her social media platform. Other individuals love simple food, which for South Africans is meat and porridge. Other individuals shared their different meals. Sthembi is summarising her 2021 with the meals and beverages shared.


When it comes to December, their people who are on Stokvels, and when it comes to this time of year, they have a wider variety of grocery items. It is also less costly because they are buying everything in bulk.


When it comes to Sthembi, she is known for not tweeting about food. She is talking about topics that are rarely discussed, and people are learning a lot as a result. But this time she is talking about something different and interesting, as well as how people will be chilling this December.


It is not only about food and beverages that other people will engage in only. So much has happened in this current year that people are hoping for good and better things for the next coming year, 2022. They are just not relevant to what she has tweeted about.

It is wonderful that she is trying to give others a good year ending and with the bad things other people may have encountered and they are not planned and unfortunate. Some of them you can't really stop, but you can recover as much as you can.


Hopefully, everyone will end the year with good times just like Sthembi. For her, it is all about good times and she hardly ever entertains the bad encounters that occur.

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