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New green chicken, are you willing to eat it with your family?

It is not difficult to make green chicken, which is what some call as the Hulk chicken. You boil the chicken with food colouring then you grill it but you will have to add your own favourite spices before placing it in the oven. Although the brain loves surprises, it doesn't guarantee that one may end up enjoying this meal.

As someone that enjoys eating chicken, I have to agree and say that there is a line and it has been crossed. May the great chefs of cooking especially have mercy on all those who will try to make and eat this type chicken.

Many people who are old school like me, we like our chicken deep fried and crispy brown. Experimenting on new chicken flavours is not a bad thing but green chicken just does not look so appetizing. 

Where do all these chickens come from anyway because the consumption ratio is very high than the manufacturing ratio. I just don't believe that we have as many chickens going around. There are many restaurants that serve different types of chicken and the choices are endless. 

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