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To make your family happy add these meals to your menu

Food menu that should be in your kitchen to try it out everyday.

Mogodu with yellow samp.

If you are South African and haven't tried Mogudu or eaten it yet you are definitely missing out the South African vibe. Recipes are provided on internet pick any on internet just to try it out.

Normalize trying different types of meals in your household, to have a unique menu add Mogodu on the list.

Wors and doublings.

Common meal but yet always carries a unique taste, wors and doublings is another SA meal that is commonly prepared but you will never get tired of it. Add it to your menu your family will smile. The first two meals shared if you prepare them days after another you will see the happiness in your family.

Happiness is build through a lot of things food is one thing that adds to a happy family.

Pork, rice, potatoes vegetables salad

Deny your family nice food then see the tension that will build, it doesn't matter if it is from the kids to the parents, just try to deny your family food that's when you will know the real source of happiness.

Beef, doubling, butternut and spinach.

Good food should really be prepared in every household try different meals on different days.

Mouth watering food only.

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Mogodu Mogudu SA South African


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