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Did you know that you can make Crispy potato chips [Simba's] at home ? Follow the recipe.

Alot of people are lazy to make some of the things at home whereas they can make them on their own instead of going out and buy somewhere . First days trying following a recipe might be bad , but you get used to it . I swear practice makes perfect . First attempt might be bad but at last you can be good at it .

Did you know that you can make Crispy potato chips [ Simba's ] at home ? All you need to do is just to follow a recipe and that's it .

What you do first is to grab your potatoes and wash them . But you can take as many as want it's your choose .

You then peel off your potatoes and wash [ use the peeler for the potatoes to peel of the skin and make potato chips .

Now you can cut them into half , but only if they're big . If they're small there's no need to cut in the middle .

You then use your peeler to cut [ make your own shapes ] , but there's no need to make them thick .

Some don't come out expected , some are round whereas some are half . It was a struggle but I guess we move . After you done doing this , you wash your potatoes .

Add cold water in a bowl for 2 to 3 minutes then drain your potatoes after that .

In the meantime you switch on your stove and pour oil in a pan .

Select your spices perfectly , the ones you enjoy and use them .

You then season your potatoes perfectly .

Fry them until they become golden brown .

Then you good to go ! Enjoy .

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