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A woman leaves Mzansi in disbelief after sharing what her kids cooked for her

A woman recently posted pictures of the food which was cooked by her children. As most people are aware that the parents are good at cooking, it becomes a lot easier for their kids to do the same. This is because most of the time they get to witness what their parents do and follow in their footsteps. However given the fact that they also share the same interests.

With that being said a proud moment for a mother of 3 after her kids managed to pull this amazing dish off. She mentioned on her replies that it was in fact her 18 year old and 11 year old children who cooked while the 3 year old was just observing. People were really impressed with how good the food looked.

Another thing which caught people's attention was how creative the kids were in terms of presenting the food. This was definitely on another level especially given the fact that it was prepared by her children. See more of people's reactions down below;

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