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The most creative drink ever.

It’s no secret that South Africans love to party, and that’s just something that has always been a big part of our tradition as South Africans. We celebrate almost everything, from the birth of a child to the adulthood of a child. There’s one thing all South Africans agree on, and that’s the fact that we like our beer, drinking is something South Africans like.

 Alcohol is an industry that has become a major contributor to South Africa’s economy, and that just proves that South Africans love their beer. Alcohol brands have come and gone in South Africa, but there is one alcoholic beverage that is so creative, that it can last much longer than most think.

 The drink is called “Easy shakes”, the drink is a mixture of fruit, juice, ice and a bottle that already has the brand of alcohol placed on the inside of the drink up. Even if we can only call it a cocktail, it is a little different from the traditional cocktail you find at your local bar. At first it seems a little crazy but, if you take your time watching it, you know it’s a very drinkable drink.

 There are so many flavors in this drink, the flavors seem to be judged by the existing brand of beer of your choice, the crazy or ambitious part about this drink is the fact that it is made in a small 1lit bucket. . The idea that it would work is so crazy.

 South Africans seem to be amazed at the deink as if they accept it. It’s not surprising when you see someone drinking at a specific event you’re attending. Maybe the times are changing and so is the way we used to enjoy drinking, so that’s how it is.

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