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Sugar beans with sausages and steamed bread

Our Sunday meal.....Jeqe recipe below👇

Sugar beans with sausages and steamed bread.


Happy Sunday try out this recipe and entice your families and friends taste bud's pour out your heart when you prepare this yummy meal prepare it with love as it will be evident on your plate don't forget that we all eat with our eyes first before we eat the actual food

Jeqe Recipe

6 cups flour 

60ml sugar

60ml oil

1 egg

1 packet yeast

1 tablespoon salt

Carrot / Red cabbage and parsley

Enough warm water that the mixture becomes a soft dough when kneaded.

Combine all ingredients and add water bit by bit. Knead it very well, until you have a soft kind of sticky mass of dough. Let it rise (for up to an hour), pound it down, and let it rise again.

Cook in mugs in a pot filled with hot water over high heat for 30minutes.

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