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Carbonated Drinks

Foreigners Fake Cocoa Cola Factory Exposed MZANSI In Shock SEE Where These Drinks Are Produced.

A South African national said in his Twitter account @Diegochene that Foreigners uses South Africa as a play ground in her Tweet she posted a photo of leaked factory where foreigners like Pakistanis and other produce fake COCOA - COLA and other Drinks.

Source and Link : @Diegochuene Twitter account.She posted a factory where these foreign national produced fake drinks like coke sprite Pepsi and many more there have machine that locks the drinks after production. They buy empty cocoa cola cans and many other drinks. And there will mix different chemicals and flavors to these drinks and it contribute to some disease we suffer in this country.

Some of these drinks are not well filtrated and carbon like crisp taste that original company add to for refreshment.

After this was posted a South African national that saw the tweet said he bought a drink in a foreigner spaza shop and found out it was not lock, the drinks has dirt's in it and no carbon like south was heard and He told him to refund him back his money.

Some said their don't buy from foreigners that own spaza shop like Pakistanis and others.

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