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"A bit lazy today" that is why I cooked this meal, says Mpho. See photos

Mpho is one of the favourite chefs on social media, every time she posts a meal people will be drooling, and have their month salivating because of the stunning meals she posts on her Facebook page.

She posted a stunning, classic, appetizing meal, and captioned that a bit lazy to cook today. On the plate, she has cooked steamed bread cooked in a muffin tray, grilled chicken, grilled butternut, and red coleslaw.

Of cause I did not find anything that indicates the meal was cooked by someone tired and lazy to cook. It looked appetizing as if she was in a mood to cook.

People could not believe that this meal was cooked by a lazy person. One person posted that her husband and children were subjected to sausage, tinned chakalaka, and spaghetti because she was lazy to cook. And then there are pe9who still produce stunning food while maintaining that they were lazy

What is your go-to meal when you are lazy to cook mine is pap and amasi.


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