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Cooking Recipes


Make your food colourful with easy recipes

You may be wondering what to cook and what is new that you have to offer to your lovely family. Here is the solution to your problem. We know that everybody like to try something new and to think out side the box it a very good thing to do.

Food is art therefore you must be creative when you are cooking . Do it with a bit of a class and more dedicated to what you do. If you have those things you will always give the best results in your kitchen. Just stay calm everyday day and know that not everyday is a good day. I mean to say accept failures learn from them and move in.

Here we give you a great deal of what you need there at home. This is us trying to look out for you ,so you can enjoy each day without stress especially when you are coming from work to cook for your loved one's.

Above picture is for Chicken breast.

The following are the ingredients needed:

Chicken fillet,Grated cheese,Cauliflower mash,lemon and herb spice,sweet and think soya sauce,black pepper,bacon.

Beef , onion , potatoes,carrots, robot peppers,cinnamon,garlic,bay leaves,1 teaspoon curry powder,1 teaspoon turmeric,1 teaspoon mixed herbs,2 spoons of tomato paste,2 cubes of knorrox,knorr soup.

Another special food below

1 chicken stock cube.

Lasagne recipe

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