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Here Are Some Major Health Benefits of Drinking Cabbage Juice Regular

Vegetal and formidable, this nutrient dense green juice capabilities cabbage, kale, and swiss chard, and is perfectly balanced with lemon and inexperienced apple and calories may vary relying on produce used and approach of extraction.

When it comes to juicing leafy veggies, the majority will gravitate toward adding kale, spinach, and combined veggies to their recipes. With such a lot of great options, cabbage can without difficulty be disregarded.

Two glasses of green cabbage juice on a timber reducing board

But in case you’re seeking out a strong, green veggie this is packed complete of nutrients, cabbage is a terrific preference. That’s why today we’re sharing our precise and scrumptious uncooked cabbage juice recipe.

Substances to make green cabbage juice, lemon, apple, celery, kale in a colander

This cabbage green juice recipe consists of apple and lemon for flavor, in addition to kale, celery, and chard to in reality take the nutritional cost to the next degree.

Why you Love This Cabbage Juice

Whether you’re ingesting cabbage this is fermented, raw, or juiced, your frame (and your customers) will thanks for the enhance of valuable nutrients and vitamins.

Here are a few principal health advantages of ingesting cabbage juice often:


High in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin A, and Vitamin U.

Aids in Digestion.

Lowers blood strain.

Improves heart fitness.

Boosts immune device.

Helps keep weight loss.

Promotes detox within the body.

Assists in stopping belly ulcers and peptic ulcers.

Packed with amino acids.

As usually, we inspire you to experiment in your own with including ingredients together with crimson cabbage, purple apples, blueberries, or even oranges,just consider of the colour... If you mix purple and inexperienced elements you'll get brown juice! One of the greatest components approximately making your personal sparkling juice is that you may customise it to your liking.

Two glasses of green juice with elements, cabbage, apple, celery, lemon

If you’re inquisitive about creating your personal custom juice recipes in your commercial enterprise, research greater about our juice consulting. Depending in your consulting package deal.

 Juice press to make this juice recipe, however you could use pretty a great deal any kind of juicer. Just remember that the satisfactory will constantly be higher whilst using a juice press.

Health Benefits








green cabbage

1.22 oz

2 medium leaves

inexperienced apple

8 oz.

1 1/3 medium apples


2.33 oz

1 half of leaves


1.Nine ounces

3/4 cup, chopped


1.33 oz

1 medium stalk


1.78 ounces

1 small lemon


Wash and weigh the produce. Make certain all the dirt is eliminated from the kale and chard earlier than putting it in your juicer.

Quarter the lemon (leaving skin on) and place directly into the clicking. If you don’t have a juice press, peel the lemon and juice with the rest of the ingredients.

Grind remaining elements together and press.

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