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How To Make Your Own Gin.

Gin in it's most basic form its actually pretty straightforward. Its simply a neutral spirit as the base which is the flavoured with botanicals (that's any plat material used as a way to add flavour ).

While most proper commercial gin makers extract the flavours from botanicals through distillation ,it is possible to make gin simply by steeping the plants,herbs or spices you want to use in the base spirit .Which means it is very possible to make your own gin at home,using vodka.

Heres a basic recipe to get you started .Beyond the vodka and the juniper berries,you can feel free to experiment with whatever botanicals (after juniper)are coriander seed,angelica roots,citrus peel and cinnamon .But feel free to raid the spice cabinet and herb garden.You could try bay leaves,rosemary,liquorice powder,lavender ,cardamom, cumin,fennel seeds and lemon grass.


• 750 ml good quality vodka

•2 tbsp juniper berries

•1 tspn coriander seeds

•2 cardamom pods

•2 peppercorns

•Half a cinnamon stick

•A small piece of dried orange peel.(remove the white pith as it's very bitter)

•A small piece of dried lemon peel(again no pith)


1. Sterilise a clean mason jar or glass bottle with boiling water.

2.Add your botanicals to the jar ,minus any fresh peel.

3.Top up with vodka.

4.Leave to infuse in a cool dark place for 24 hours.

5.Taste the infusion -it should have taken on some lovely juniper gynnyniness already.Add your fresh peel along with any extra botanicals whose flavour you want to boost.

6.Leave for up to another 24hours,giving the bottle a gentle shake at least once.

7.Beware of leaving it too long and over infusing the mixture -think of it a bit like brewing tea .

8.Taste the gin again and if you happy with it.Filter out all the botanicals using a sieve.If theres still some sediment left,use some muslin or a coffee filter to strain again.

9.Leave the liquid to sit for a couple of days and then filter out any remaining sediment and put through a water filter jug if you want to make it even clearer.

Goodluck Gin Lovers!!

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