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" Bugs pizza" people left in disbelief after seeing something strange

Flour is a powder that is created by grinding uncooked grains, roots, beans, nuts, or seeds. Flours are used to manufacture a variety of dishes. Bread, a staple food for various cultures, is made mostly from cereal flour, notably wheat flour.

Did you know pizza worms existed? A woman came to social media to post this dish, and she added that she is from Zimbabwe. Probably she has made this pizza before and it tastes good, but people did not enjoy it; one reason could be that it is the first time they have seen it. We've seen various pizzas, but this one may come as a surprise to many people. A pizza is formed from various ingredients, one of which is cheese, but worms may be the new thing because everything begins someplace. Do you think you can be this creative, or will you buy this type of pizza? Please share your thoughts.


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Bugs Zimbabwe


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