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Dont Buy Pizza From Debonaires Pizza Again || See What Happened Here

Date : 03 October 2021

Today we talk about the picture that has been circulating on social media platforms. This is the picture of a pizza that was bought by a customer from Debonaires Pizza. We all know that Debonaires is one of the top loved pizza stores in South Africa with over millions of people who like to buy pizza from them.As customer's we expect to be treated with respect.

It is the responsibility of business owners to make sure that they make us happy with the service that they provide for us . It is not really good when a customer leaves without being satisfied with the service provided. A customer from Debonaires Pizza took it to social media to reveal to the public what he got after buying a pizza from Debonaires Pizza.

His world was left shattered as he received something that he was not really expecting. After buying a pizza from Debonaires Pizza in Biaba outside Loius Trichardt a customer was left speechless and in pain following the pizza that he received. It really broke his heart because there was nothing he could do by that time because he had already paid.

Some people say they also went through the same thing. It is advisable to the management of Debonaires Pizza in Biaba to make sure that they please their customers before they lose more business. It's important for them to always make sure that they make their customers happy at all times. What do you think about this?

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