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A Nigerian man designs a pot that can cook two meals at the same time

Sometimes all it takes is to think of something and then bring it to life. There are so many things that are happening economic wise and many African countries are feeling the pinch. However it is no use just to complain about things without taking any action.

A Nigerian man has become innovative and this was after a rise in the price of cooking gas and a litre of Kerosene. You can imagine that when you need to cook, at most cases you have to use two pots which seems to be very costly at this time. You have to save as much as you can.

This is one of the reason why a Nigerian man decided to have a two in one pot. There are some meals that you can cook all at once and this will save on some much needed gas. It will definitely save the cost of cooking.

Many people had a lot to say about this innovative idea that this man was able to do. There are those people who thinks that this was a very good idea that can actually work. However, it was expected that there would be those who don't buy in the idea. Some are saying that how will you cook two different food that does not cook at the same time. This is something that people who don't cook much would say, but we know that where there is a will, there is a way.

This will also help those who are using a one plate stove because they just cook once and all is done

This man has really shown us that anything is possible. When you find yourself in a tough situation, you have to come up with innovative ways of dealing with it, rather than being forever complaining.

What is your take on this innovation, will you buy it if you find it instore? Please share your thoughts about this innovation.

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