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Meal ideas from Food Mood SA

Food Mood SA is a popular facebook page that shares cooking and baking recipes. The person behind the page is very mysterious hence we don't know if it's a male or a female person but whoever it is, they share awesome plate ideas to dazzle your family.

1. Steamed bread, chicken and gravy.

A twist on the pap or rice plate with meat and gravy. Looks appetizing.

2. Meat, pap and chakalaka.

There are three types of meats on the plate and they look braaid. 3. Creamy spinach, chakalaka, chicken and rice.

I must command the creamy spinach, it looks so wholesome and creamy. The rice looks a bit too orange for me, I actually assumed it was grated cheese. 4. Pasta and bacon.

As a pasta fan this looks like a great dish. Not a lot of people mix pasta and bacon and it's quite unfortunate.

5. Pasta and mince.

The pasta looks very cheesy and I love how this is a South African twist of spaghetti bolognese. 6. Sea food

My absolute favorite. What I love about seafood is the amount of explosive flavours. Try different recipes for yourself and your loved ones.

7. KFC vibes meal

Fried and dunked meat with fries. Homemade can taste 100 times better because you control the flavor. 8. Ikota

Need I say more? 9. Hake and chips.

This is not your conventional fish and chips, it's the gormet version.

Which meal will you try out?

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