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Be Careful of Expired Baked Beans

A Facebook user posted on their timeline that they had bought 3 Baked Beans cans at Shoprite then when they were going to cook they decided to add another can from the spaza shop as the ones they had were short.

While they were preparing to make food they noticed that the one bought from the spaza was completely different from the ones bought at Shoprite, the ones from Spaza were pale in color and the Tomato Sauce was not visible. They had apparently tasted few and they were not well cooked and tasted funny.

After inspecting those bought at Shoprite, they had noticed the difference even outside the can. Out of my curiosity, the poster tried to tear the wrapping from the can from the spaza and it was easy to tear then when they did same to the one bought at Shoprite they struggled a bit.

When checking the expiry date, the one from. The spaza had expired in July 2021 but on top of the can it had said the expiry date is 2024. The poster then warned others to use check before buying.

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