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Alcholol ban in Mzansi forced this first female beer brewer to shut down; check what she did next

Her beer brewing business started in 2019; it was 100% Black female owned; but like most businesses; whether they were starting out or old in the world of business; she was unprepared for the Corona virus pandemic.

We all know that when the pandemic hit; it was followed by a lot of restrictions; the lockdown came with the ban of alcohol and cigarettes. Beer brewer; Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela's microbrewery; was one of the businesses that were affected by the pandemic; it was forced to shut down last year. 

Fast forward to the present; when 200,000 cans of her beer; called Tolokazi were recently brewed in Croatia and distributed across the UK. Her crafted beer is now heads and shoulders with other beers on the global stage.

A woman from South Africa has a beer that is being brewed in Europe and distributed in the UK. All of this did not come easy or fall on her lap like manna from heaven; it took blood; sweat and tears.

Her brewery shut down last year; when she could not repay the loan; she had taken out to start her beer brewing business; this was due to the alcohol ban that was imposed by the RSA government.

While she was thinking about her next move; she got a LinkedIn invite from beer52 chief marketing officer; of the subscription service called Beer52; which has headquarters in Edinburgh.

Beer52 introduces new beers from different countries around the globe to UK beer drinkers. 200,000 cans of Tolokazi; will reach 100,000 subscribers in the UK; Tolokazi will be part of that subscription this January.

For Nxusani-Mawela; brewing in Croatia comes with hardship in sourcing the raw materials for her beer because in the past she used to get them in Africa; now she has to source almost similar ones abroad to cut costs.

Her beer is not lost to Mzansi because she does contract manufacturing; with OC Brewery based in Kia Sands just outside; Johannesburg.

Nxusani-Mawela's story is one that motivates African women to go out there; in a male dominated business; take it by the horns like a bull and make it a global succeess. Kudos.

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